What is Jesus Ministry?

Jesus MinistryJesus Ministry was an early identification of a work that God did in our church in the greater Puget Sound area of Washington beginning in the year 2000. God released His Spirit in such a way that the things we read Jesus doing in the gospels started happening at our church for all of our members to witness. These experiences altered the way we read the scriptures because we knew that what we read about was for us today.

The Bible teaches us that Jesus said that He came to seek and to save what was lost. The word save is the New Testament term sozo. This term is used in the New Testament to describe Jesus’ ministry of repentance into a right relationship with God, physical healing and freedom from demonic torment. It means to save and deliver. 

Those very things began happening in an unprecedented way for the church I was pastoring around 2000. During this experience we received an understanding in how to train and equip others to minister as Jesus ministered in the Bible. Jesus told His disciples that He was sending them and those who would believe in Him because of their report into the world just as the Father sent Him. As a result, we sought to teach others what we learned just as Jesus did, so the good news could be spread to even more people.

The teaching, training, and ministry related to helping people minister like Jesus did became labelled as Jesus Ministry training.

This training and ministry is not now identified as Jesus Ministry by many in our area because it had such a profound effect on our community. But the training continues and is growing globally helping leaders, churches, and ministries to recover the power of God in the ministry that Jesus modeled for His church.