We Are Created in God’s Image

GodAdam and Eve were created in God’s image. What does this mean? What does it mean for you?

The Apostle John tells us that God in essence is life, light, spirit, and love. Without any of these traits God would cease to be God? Therefore being created in God’s image humans were created in God’s life, His light (holiness), fundamentally as spiritual beings, and in His love.

God’s love is an out-of-this-world love. It is infinite. It is selfless (1 Cor. 13:4-7). It is a servant of the will versus a victim of emotion. The opposite of this love is selfishness not hatred. It lives for others’ benefit and well-being. This love casts out fear and secures. It provides significance.

Human beings were designed to legitimately receive their legitimate needs of significance and security in God’s love for us. This love, which is essential to life, is characteristic of a  spring continuously spraying water on everything in its sphere.

Being created in God’s image Adam’s and Eve’s love toward each other was the same. Imagine every human loving one another with God’s love for the others benefit, to provide significance and security.

Sin separated Adam and Eve from God and therefore His love. They lost significance and security. They now lived with shame and fear. It left a deficit, a void, an emptiness, and forms of death.

Instead of receiving their significance and security legitimately in God, they and all of humanity would selfishly use everyone and everything to illegitimately gather their significance and security. This is characteristic of a dark whirlpool spinning to extract everything possible into its vortex.

This has brought great brokenness and ruin to individuals, marriages, families, communities, churches, and the world.

Salvation includes recovering relationship with God, living in His love, and dispensing His love. This is part of saving what was lost (Luke19:10).