Resources recommended from Mike Riches:

There are a number of resources that are available online that may be helpful to you and your personal walk with Christ and faith. Below are some of those resources.

Harborview Fellowship – Here’s where you can find out more about the church that I am a pastor at and see what I am up to in leading the congregation I now serve. You can connect with us at

Sycamore Commission – This is a link to the nonprofit ministry I started to help spread the good news of Jesus and the powerful freedom that comes from His teaching. You can visit the website at

Sycpub Global – Here is a link to the descriptions of the books that I have authored (along with other relevant publications) to help believers of every age find more freedom in their walk with Jesus. I believe in the freedom of Jesus and His power to heal, restore and renew a person at any stage in their faith. You can visit this site at

Mike Riches Head Shot

Also, I am online in a number of other capacities. Please be sure to check me out on these social media channels so you can learn more about who I am, what I do and what I believe in. I would love to connect with you to encourage you and your faith in Jesus Christ. Looking forward to connecting with you soon.

Facebook – You can find my Facebook page at I post status updates, photos and announcements about my speaking engagements and ministry opportunities around the world.

Twitter – Here is a link to my twitter account where you can get connected with the quick updates I post at

LinkedIn – The link to my LinkedIn page where you can see my work experience and ministry history is

Instagram – You can join me on Instagram at