God’s Original Design and You

Original DesignI’ve heard it said that if people had a full revelation of who God designed them to be they would have no desire to be anyone else.

The Bible speaks to two dimensions of original design. One is a general design that God intends for all who are in Jesus Christ (which we will speak to in subsequent blogs). Instead, most people end up living under lies received from experiences in life or Satan’s direct assaults.

The second dimension is the unique personal design that God has for each person. This dimension includes the aggregate of components such as temperament, spiritual gifts, passions, and callings. Your original design includes characteristics coupled with passions that fashion you and your kingdom purpose.

An example of the need to recover God’s original design for each of us is found in the biblical character Gideon. In Judges 6:12-16 we read where God sent an angel to alert Gideon to His original design for him. While Gideon was threshing wheat in a hidden space for fear of Israel’s enemies the angel called out to him “Mighty hero” and proceeded to tell him that he would be God’s deliverer for Israel.

Gideon’s response was one of disbelief and rebuttal. His experience and personal perception was anything but a mighty hero. He was the least in his family which was the smallest of the weakest clan in all of Israel.

It is important to understand that what God says about us is true whether or not we know it, see it, or accept it! As you continue reading the account in Judges 6 you’ll see that God’s regard for Gideon was true. Gideon was transformed into a mighty warrior who delivered Israel from its enemies.

God’s original design for you is amazing and living life fully in His purpose for you is an adventure! We all must recover an understanding of God’s original design for us and to be transformed into that person.