Hope 253

Recently, in the greater Puget Sound numerous local churches gathered together to conduct an outreach event to the people of Pierce County called Hope 253. My church, Harborview Fellowship was able to participate and help as the good news of Jesus Christ was spread to people of all ages at this event. It was a concert featuring Jordan Feliz, Israel and the New Breed, and guest speaker Tyler Locket from the Seattle Seahawks. Churches from all over the area worked together to share the good news of the gospel to members of Pierce County.

Hope 253 was an event that brought all the churches together to share the good news and no one church took credit for the work. We worked as one to spread the message of Jesus’ love to the members of Pierce County and were hopeful that many would turn their lives to Christ. The event was a huge success and really underscored the beauty of churches working together in unity to reach people with the message of the gospel. Here is a video that I did as a part of the lead up to the event. Thanks for watching and continue to press into Jesus as He seeks to lift you up in your struggle and help you in your life. God Bless!