The First Step to Recovering God’s Original Design

We have heard it said that without the first stepOriginal Design there is no journey. Recovering God’s original design for our lives also requires that the first step be the right step.

That first right step begins when we recognize our sin, and our spiritual poverty to rescue ourselves from sin and its power. The first right step is only completed when we realize the solution is found in Jesus Christ. That in His righteousness He died a spiritually and physically brutal death in suffering God’s wrath for sin’s penalty and punishment; and that He resurrected from death triumphant over sin.

But each person must personally receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. This cannot be achieved by good or religious activities. This salvation can only be received through faith by God’s grace. But this is familiar to most of us reading this article.

It is often recognized that this salvation provides us eternal life, an escape from sin’s eternal penalty and punishment. But often a very important aspect of salvation is lost on many genuine, spiritually born again believers. And it is at this point that many remain in bondage to sins and strongholds.

When there is a genuine, spiritual transaction of salvation God imparts His life, His power, and His authority to each person. Such persons receive the power that raised Jesus from death and the position of authority that belongs to Jesus Christ being seated at God’s right hand far above all beings physical and spiritual (Ephesians 1:18-2:6).

Recovering God’s original design for us on earth cannot happen without this first step. But we must keep stepping into this salvation to experience God’s full freedom in our lives . . . and increasingly recover God’s original design for our lives.