Three Lessons for Young People Following Jesus for the Long Haul

JesusI have watched rooms, auditoriums, even stadiums filled with young people passionately declaring devotion to Jesus. It is interesting though to notice how few elderly people are on fire for Jesus…like Caleb in the Old Testament.

I am old enough to have watched too many people’s passion and fire for Jesus be dampened and even extinguished. Below are 3 bits of insight to help young people to help them be on fire for Jesus for the long haul.

First, it is important to understand that the Christian life is a marathon, not a 100-meter dash. One’s mind-set is critical. The mind-set of a runner at the start of the race will play a large role in the success of the race. A marathoner can’t view the race as a dash…they must steel their mind to the fact that they are beginning a marathon.

Anyone can start strong; the question is how are you going to finish. Jesus speaks often regarding enduring to the end.

Second, is Living in Light of Eternity, which is similar to the first. How we live on earth does matter for all eternity. The dividends of the investment of your life on earth truly is experienced in eternity.

You do not have reset button that you press when you enter into eternity after your present life on this earth. Your life in eternity will be a continuation of the life you lived on earth.

Understand what the Scriptures teach about life in eternity. Understand the judgments, the rewards, and the punishments related to how you presently live life on earth.

Not all justice will be fully realized on this earth. Not all promised rewards will be experienced in this life-time. But they will for all eternity. Live in Light of Eternity!

Third, live your life unto God, not unto any human being. Most, if not all Christians will some time in their lives be disillusioned, betrayed, and wounded in and through their relationships with other professed Christians. Those who live their lives and faith for and unto people (even leaders) instead of God have a strong chance of their Christian walk being sabotaged.

People then associate their wounds, pain and disillusionment with the Lord and subsequently give up on their passion for God. Do what you do as unto and for the Lord, not human beings.

Bonus…cultivate and nurture your intimacy with and faith in God through worship and the Word. Develop your relationship with and walk in the Holy Spirit.