Spiritual Transactions

FaithWithout contractual transactions legitimate business does not happen. Likewise without spiritual transactions legitimate spiritual life does not happen.

There are many who live spiritually impotent lives and many are deceived due to the fact that they don’t understand and employ spiritual transactions in their lives. I’ll explain.

Imagine a young couple talking about marriage. They discuss over and again the difference married life would make for each of them. They have multiple conversations about the benefits of married life and what their future could be like. But no matter how much discussion there is, without making a covenant under oath no transaction takes place. They do not become married. Their life status doesn’t change.

Now imagine this in light of presenting the gospel to a person. There can be much discussion about the features of the gospel, its merits are talked about, and there is much conversation about the blessings of believing the gospel and receiving salvation.

But unless there is an accepting of the truths of the gospel with an authentic heartfelt declaration in prayer based on the truths, there is no spiritual transaction. This person will never become spiritually born again; this person will never be saved.

On the other hand, if this person prays with a conviction regarding the gospel truths in a personal application, a spiritual transaction takes place. And though it is a spiritual transaction it has distinct evidences in the physical realm. This person’s life will be radically changed.

Romans 10:13 says that for everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved. That is a verse describing spiritual transaction.

Salvation is not to be the only spiritual transaction in a Christian’s life. In fact the Christian life is to be an ongoing series of spiritual transactions. These spiritual transactions are prayers and declarations with conviction based on God’s truths. The result will be supernatural life change, transformation, and miracles.