Ministering in Other Churches

The Body of Christ is so diverse and rich. My favorite Churchpart of ministering in other churches is learning from and experiencing God through other believers in other settings, cultures, and denominations than mine.

I am challenged by the humble, steady, and methodical passion for God that our Swiss brothers and sisters have. They are very mission-minded and invest themselves in cross-cultural missions. You can count on them…I am challenged by that!

The exuberant hunger of the African Church for God inspires me. I love every opportunity to minister in Africa. In their humble and difficult circumstances, they demonstrate such spiritual hunger.

The persecuted churches that I have been with in the Middle East, China, and Russia profoundly humble me. Their commitment to Jesus is a life and death issue. I never leave them without being deeply moved to assess my own life.

I love being with Latino churches. Their passion brings out a passion in me. Especially in their worship.

Being with diverse denominations fills out my theology and broadens my horizon for practical Christian expression. I have been the benefactor in my relationships with those who are Anglican, Pentecostal, Baptist, Russian Orthodox, Coptic, Methodist, Christian & Missionary Alliance, Nazarene, Charismatic, The State Reformed Churches, Lutherans, and more.

Partnerships with various para-church ministries have also been rich experiences. Their focus and commitment in their mission has provoked me.

I am so much richer in my exposure and relationships with the broader Body of Christ.