Original Design is Lost, But There is Hope

Mike Riches Lost Original DesignWho of us have not seen awe-inspiring, jaw-dropping vistas? Some so pristine and majestic that they seemed to not be a part of our broken and cursed world. Imagine living in a world with perfect environmental systems in harmonious relationship with people and people with animals.

Now imagine living in a joy-filled, intimate, and unobstructed relationship with God. And then envision living in ultimate security and significance, harmony and joy, and a selfless lavish love.

If we take a realistic look at people’s lives and the world around us we see a world that has gone wrong. We see deaths, murders, wars, and disasters. The landscape is filled with abuse, neglect, and pain. Lives are filled with sorrow, emptiness, futility, and fears. Most would admit to living in areas of bondage to the past and fears in the present.

But there’s hope! God has made it possible to recover hopeful expectation, purpose, significance, and fulfillment. The good news is that the story doesn’t end with God’s original design for our lives being lost.

Jesus came to initiate a work of restoration. Remember, He came to seek and to save what was lost (Luke 19:10). What the Enemy came to steal, kill, and destroy Jesus came to give life in all its fullness (John 10:10).

It begins with restoring people’s relationship with God. But it goes beyond that to restoring God’s original design for our lives. To every place Satan has sought to bring destruction, corruption, and bondage Jesus makes possible fullness, wholeness, and freedom.

This restoration work is to be ultimately completed at Christ’s return, but a life of freedom and restoration can begin now, in this broken world (Colossians 2:13-15). The first step requires that God’s life be imparted to sinful human beings.